Steps To Face Your Exam Correctly – by Alex

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Hello guys. Today I’m making a post to tell you about a test helper method to help you with test taking. It was one of your requests.

Let’s go through some steps which I follow to study for a test. This is a short guide to help you with term tests – as they are the ones which makes us feel shocked just by hearing the letters-

T E S T  … !!!


Tip 1 – You should start studying minimally 3-4 weeks before, but I usually receive the material nearly a week before, so start studying right after you get the time schedule.

Tip 2 – If you start studying when the test is tomorrow, it will be so stressful for you, and gives you a low score. If you have studied things very recently, like 2-3 weeks earlier, then you can just do studying 3-4 days before the test.

Tip 3 – Gather some past papers to help you practice for the test.

Tip 4 – Always keep focused on what you have to study.

Step 1 – Make a time schedule to study the subjects of the test. This helps you cover all the subjects correctly. You may think that making a plan will be a waste of time, but in the end you’ll see how much it was beneficial.

Tip 5 – Even though you receive the time table before a week, it is best to start studying 3-4 weeks before as you have a lot of time to get enough practice.

Tip 6 – Your time table should be one which covers all subjects in time. Also, you have to be responsible to work the plan.

Step 2 – Refer to your plan and work according to it.

Tip 7 – This is a very important tip. While you study you have to take 5 minute breaks for every 30 minutes. So you have to add 5 min breaks for your plan. If not, you’ll be stressed from studying for a long time duration and will not remember anything.

Step 3 – When you see that you now have a break, go and drink a glass of water or walk around your garden. When the break ends, come to your table and start studying again.

Step 4 – If you have short notes refer to them so it’ll be easy to memorize the important facts.

Step 5 – You can also read your text book carefully, but don’t read and try to memorize unwanted stuff. Just go through the most important ones. When reading, get a pencil and underline the important facts you have noted.

Step 6 – Read all lessons one by one. If it is math, try solving related problems on a standard sheet of paper. Always stay focused on what you are doing NOW. Don’t think about the best movie or game you watched or played.

Step 7 – After you read 1-3 lessons, get a question paper about the lesson and try to answer them. If you have nothing to answer, go through the underlined facts quickly.

Step 8 – Move on to another lesson after having a little break.

Tip 8 – This is another important tip which most ignore. When you study for the test , don’t stick to a single subject for a long time if it is not a favorite subject of yours. Doing so just makes extra nerves in your brain and you will get tired, making you give up on studying. So after you cover some lesson of a subject, move on to another one. That gives your brain some time to store the studied facts so you can remember them later.

Step 9 – At the end of the week you will have covered all the subjects. Now don’t be stressed again thinking that you have your test tomorrow!! Try to be relaxed knowing that you’ve finished the lessons!

Step 10 – Tomorrow you have your test, so try to answer past papers related to the test subjects.

Tip 9 – You shouldn’t do a pile of paper on one subject…just 2-3 is enough.

Step 11- Go to bed early the night before your exam. Most students study for a long time, even into the night without thinking of their sleep. You can only face the test well if you have adequate sleep, which is about 8 hours. If not, your brain won’t have time to store the facts and you will not remember what you’ve studied.

Step 12 – Wake up fresh the next morning. Have a good meal and go to school ready to do well on your test.

What do you think of my test preparation method? Do you have any other tips to study for tests? Please comment below!

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