Writing a Good Post About Events

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Today we are talking about how to write a good post about events.

  • Your first paragraph should immediately tell the reader the time period and should give the topic of the whole post.
  • Unfamiliar terms should be defined for the reader. Example:

The main problem was that the Articles of Confederation, the plan of government adopted after the war, did not allow Congress to control trade or to tax the people to pay off war debts.

  • A good writer leads up to the event by climax- the problems get worse.
  • Always make sure you have a variety in sentence beginnings, so you are not repeating common words over and over.
  • Keep the reader thinking about what you already have written. Example:

Although the Convention’s original purpose was to strengthen the Articles of Confederation, the delegates soon agreed that a new federal system was needed.

  • Quotes are always a great addition to your post! Here is how to include the famous saying:
  1. Make sure you copy the quotation exactly. Copy each word, capital letter, and punctuation mark exactly how it is in the original.
  2. Put ¨quotation marks¨ before and after the person’s exact words.
  3. If possible, tell when and where the person said this.
  4. Do not quote long speeches. Try not to quote more than two or three sentences.
  • At the end of your post, conclude by bringing the reader up to the present time and ending positively, emphasizing the importance of the event.
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