The Most EVIL Plant

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They are nasty plants. The characteristics of Ibicella lutea, Proboscidea louisianica, and Proboscidea parviflora are understated by the common name Devil’s Claw. Both Devil’s Breath and Devil’s Snot are more acceptable names for them.

These are large, unpleasant plants. Expect the plants to be at least a meter (3 feet) across if you reside in a region with warmer summers. They smell pretty foul—almost like rotten athletic socks. Although the stench won’t make you skip lunch, it will act as a reminder to stay away. And that is something you might want to do.

The stems and leaves are coated in a resinous slime that is difficult to remove with water. It stains your clothing. Your hands and arms become covered. Your gardening equipment picks it up. It is not removable. The seed capsules are another option. Those wretched suckers. They are really sharp. They are made to grab onto an animal’s foot and cling to it till it dies.

Have you ever encountered a Devil’s Claw plant? Comment below with your experience.

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