World War 1 pt. 1- GC’s History Recaps

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New series 🙂


World War One.

Let’s get to it.

The big dogs in the world were clear: the British Empire, France, the U.S.A., the German Empire, and the Russian Empire.

So one of Germany’s buddies, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, decides that their heir to the throne would take a little joyride.

So maybe it didn’t go so well, but Austro-Hungary will definitely forgive Serbia, right?



So maybe an ally of a powerful country declared war on another ally of a powerful country, but surely this won’t escalate into complete worldwide chaos!




Oh, what’s the point?

Well, grab your rifles, and don’t forget the toilet paper! Has two-ply been invented yet?

Unfortunately, no, but thankfully, we don’t have to use leaves!

First, our teams will be established right before we start fighting. Remember, it’s never too late to join (foreshadowing?)!

On our “entente” team, we have Russia, France, and Serbia!

On the “central powers” team, we have Germany and Austria-Hungary!

Let’s get it on!

Germany wants to get a bit more land out of France.

Oh? The border is too strong?

Only good solution?


Smash through a neutral, bordering country of France to get past the defenses!

Now, we have a new country on the “Entente” team!


Let’s give it up for the ol’ Brits, eh?

*crickets chirping*


Well, how’s the war going for everyone?

Germany is trying to get through Belgium, but it’s kinda hard for them.

Russia is mobilizing its 500 trillion-person population.

Austria-Hungary just can’t beat Serbia. and Britain’s sending troops over.

Well, It’s getting late.

Episode over!


Well, see you later, goobay!

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