Why I Don’t Like Dork Diaries

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Ok, so I am not a huge fan of reading. There are only 2 book series I legitimately enjoy (Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Emigrants) and a few single books.  But there is a book I wish wasn’t real…. Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries is a book series that started out in 2009 by Rachel Renne Russel. The book series is about Nikki Maxwell, a 14-year-old girl who transfers to a private school. The book uses a diary format and cutesy, anime-like illustrations… well it is actually very bad.

1st of all, The Stereotyping. The whole book series is about Girls who only care about social media, being pretty, reading magazines except “real” books (the only magazines I read are either about Nordic culture or Genealogy), and getting a boyfriend.

I am a fellow girl who cares about my studies, art, YouTube channel, and some far-away place nobody cares about (Scandinavia). This is also negative because apparently girls can’t do STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Interests.  This makes me very angry.

2nd of all is materialism. There are so many brand names and wanting to be rich. Sure, money is a good thing, but studying and getting a good job is the only way you can make money. There are these characters that wouldn’t let kids who buy thrift shop clothes be friends with them.

There are MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS, of kids living in 3rd-world countries, and I used to be one of them. Why does this book do all this?

3rd. Plot/Message. The Plot is basically that Nikki wants to be popular and have a boyfriend. Guess what? Popularity isn’t that important in school (unless you’re a son/daughter of a celebrity), and a boyfriend isn’t needed until high school (I believe kids should start dating at 16), so yeah.

There are better books with more positive plots.

I probably made at least 10 Dork Diaries fans mad by writing this, but this is all my opinion.

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