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Here is a little bit about me!! Also I’m bisexual!!!!

So when I was born my dad had nothing to do with me, and so my mom was arguing with him one day, but remember I was a 6 month old when all this happened. So she was arguing with him and she got mad and threw me on her bed, and my head almost hit the wall and then she went into the bathroom and was hitting her head on the floor (Btw yes she is ok and doing fine!). And CPS came to her door and asked if she wanted me. All she had to do was go to parent class and anger management classes, but she said she don’t want me, and that’s when CPS turned to my grandparents and said do you want her, or her to go in the system.

They chose to keep me. And they took care of me my whole life. My dad was in and out of prison for abusing woman, armed under the age, and violence. I have 8 step-siblings and I’m the oldest. He only sees me when it’s a holiday or when it’s his weekend, but he is still in jail till this day and still has nothing to do with me. Same with my mom. They both don’t have visitation rights and my mom will probably lose custody of my other siblings because she is hiding a guy from CPS, and has them in her life because of the way she lives.

So yeah that’s a story based off of my life. I hope you guys liked it!!!

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