What is the best food for your cats main diet?

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Cats are domesticated, fluffy creatures that are kept as pets across the globe. But what is the best source of food for your feline friend? In this article, we will be looking into food that cats should and should not eat, and find which one should be in your feline’s diet.

Kibble, also known as cat food, is a very popular food for cats. However it is not the number one choice. Although wet, watered down Kibble can be a good food source for them, cats need more Protein and Meats in their main diet. Kibble should not be the main structure of your cat’s diet.

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It could seem that greens, Fruits and Vegetables, such as Catnip, Berries, or Carrots would work, but they would not. Although vitamins are important in a cat’s diet, most of these foods wouldn’t have enough Protein. Plus, some plants like Catnip, can change a cat’s behaviour and make them go crazy! For more info on Catnip affecting how cats act, visit this article.


Next, let’s see about meats. Things such as Fish or Chicken. This would actually be a good food source for cats. This is because they have Protein, and cats are Carnivores in the wild. I would suggest putting some meat inside your cat’s wet Kibble or buying wet Kibble pre-mixed with meat, and you’ll be set.


So, that is all for this article! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you learned something new! Good day, everybody!


Please comment below with your thoughts and suggestions! What type of food do you feed your cat?

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