What is Figgy Pudding?

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Also called Christmas pudding and plum pudding, the memorable verses in We Wish You A Merry Christmas must have lead you to wonder what in the world figgy pudding is anyway.

Figgy Pudding is a cake-like dessert made of breadcrumbs, suet, brandy, lemon zest, candied citrus peel, dried fruits, and more. In the 14th century, figgy pudding was more like a sticky and thick porridge made of boiled figs, water, wine, ground almonds, raisins, and honey.

Sometimes poor people would stand on the doorsteps of the wealthy and sing, “Oh, bring us some figgy pudding,” and, “We won’t leave until we get some.”

Christmas Pudding was banned in 1647 by the Puritans but replenished by King George I.

So come Christmas Day, fill your table with turkey, apple pie, and Plum Pudding, and sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas for the 300th time just to see that little twitch in your brothers eye of annoyance.

So with that said, happy holidays, all right?

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