Celebrate Valentine’s Day Together As A Family In A Different Way

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Hi everyone! Hope you saw my previous short post for valentine’s day. You know this is one of the most special days in the year and I too used to love it a lot since my 12’s.

Usually people even think that this is a day for couples alone, or friends in our life.

But it is for all that we love, including our family members!

If you read @caryl’s post, you will understand things better. It was really a great post! Anyway, I got to know about this fact years earlier.

How I spent the day on the 14th of Feb in 2022

I bought a lovely gift for my GF and went to hang out. We spent the time on our terrace, and we went to the cinema together to watch a special movie. She made a card too. We both rode on my bicycle to the town.

What Changed: 14th Feb of 2023

This time my mom helped us celebrate it with the family too. Mum prepared  special dishes for valentine’s day and baked a great heart shaped strawberry cake for us. We watched a valentine’s day family movie and took a photoshoot. Mom decorated our home with hearts and all, Even though she has to go to hospital early today (Mum and dad are doctors that’s why). At the dinner table at night, mum asked all of us about why we love each member of the family and we had to tell one reason.

Mum and dad also let me to spend time with my GF and we too also enjoyed our time a lot. We were grateful about the time we spent together and felt the bond between us.

Anyway, today I learned a new way to spent Valentine’s Day in a very lovely way, It helps to enhance the bond with your family.


1) Have a Valentine’s Day party

This is a fun way to celebrate the day with our family. You can also invite your friends. You could have a heart-themed craft, play Valentine’s Day-themed games, other Valentine themed activities, and serve sweet treats (helps to have mom make ’em LOL)

2) Make Valentine’s Day cards

We can show our loved ones how much we care about them. Use simple materials such as construction paper, stickers, markers, colorful hearts, and other craft supplies.

3) Go on a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt

This is a fun and active way to celebrate the day with your family. Hide Valentine’s Day themed items like cards, small gifts, etc., around the house or outdoors and let your parents go on a scavenger hunt to find them!

4) Have a movie night

Watch a romantic (but family-friendly), or Valentine’s family movie together. Turn off the lights and snuggle up on a sofa with some popcorn, blanket  and Valentine’s Day treats. This is a great activity that will be fantastic fun for your entire family.

5) Bake cookies or other sweet treats

We usually do not get  involved in the kitchen, but with the help of your parents, bake some delicious Valentine’s Day treats together with the whole family. You can get some heart shaped cookie stencils and make heart-shaped cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, or other sweet treats (Mouth watering!!!).  Wrap these sweet treats in cellophane or parchment papers and hand them out to family members and friends

6) Have a Valentines’ craft day

Make heart-shaped crafts on your own using construction paper, glitter, and other things. Use these valentine crafts as DIY decorations to hang in your home. You can use a heart shape stencil for your crafts.

7) Have a Valentine’s Day tea party

Set up a small table with tea, cookies, and other snacks and dress up in your red outfits for a “Valentine tea party”!

8) Have a Valentine’s Day dance party

Put on some fun, upbeat music, dance, and have fun. Join in with parents, sisters, and brothers. This will be fun for all of them. We used some fast going songs for ours, but you can use whatever you like!!

9) Have a Valentine’s Day picnic with a special lunch and snacks, and go outside to enjoy a cool picnic together.

10) Play Valentine’s Day-themed games

You can use games such as a memory game with heart-shaped cards, or a Valentine’s Day version of charades for this.

11) Have a Valentine’s Day photo shoot

Set up a fun backdrop and props, and take turns posing for rocking Valentine’s Day photos. Shoot some with your siblings, and take some with mum and dad too!

12) Make a Valentine’s Day time capsule

Collect special items and memories from the day and put them in a box to use those ideas for the future, such as next year’s Valentine’s Day!

13) Color some DIY Valentine Cards

You can use free printable foldable Valentine coloring cards from the internet.  Color them in for your siblings and parents as DIY valentines.

14) Make a Valentine’s Day themed Dinner together

Search the internet for valentines’ day meals and try making one of them together to kick off Valentine’s Day in a delicious way! This is good for our sisters and brothers of all ages. If you are older you can do much of the cooking and they can help out (though for me, I can help out my younger sis and she does much more cooking than me! LOL)

15) Do Valentine’s Day handprint art

These are super fun for your little sisters and brothers to make with their little hands. Help them make wonderful DIY decorations and keepsakes.

 16) Book a Beach hotel for an evening

If you have a chance, book a hotel with the help of your parents. Go to the beach and share the love with your family.

17) Ask everyone why they love each other and ask them for a special reason. This would be fun and sometimes will be filled up with funny answers (as I did!).

Also, if you have a friend that you love the most, don’t forget to hang out with them too. They’ll love your company so much. I know how much my GF loved my company today.

1) Make them a lovely Valentine’s day card.

2) Tell her/him why you always love them.

3) Give a special and memorable gift for them.

4) Go out for cinema.

5) Go to the park.

6) Go to a dance party.

7) Maybe you’ll be able to hold their hand and give a lovely hug (not a kiss ) for them!


Hope you liked this article. If you saw it after 14th, don’t worry and keep these ideas for next Valentine’s Day.

How did you celebrate the 14th? Do you have any other Valentine’s Day activities? Comment below!

Happy Valentines day!

From your friend,

Jason (alex).

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