What If Walls Could Talk? What If: Part 4

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CAUTION! This Post Contains No Answers!

You have been in many buildings in your life, right? Some time or another, you must have been in a goods store or a gas station. Mostly, unless it is something out of the ordinary, like there’s a big hole in it or something, you don’t pay much attention to walls, right? They are just there. But what if walls were a lot more interesting?

What if you could have a normal conversation with a wall like another human being? Now, there are a lot of questions that come into mind here. Like, would places even have walls anymore? If so, how would construction workers react if they were told to tear down a building? Now, we have to consider what walls would talk about. How about the cages of zoos? What would they say? Or maybe the walls of a robotics or scientist lab?

Could computer firewalls talk? Wow, there would be a lot less hackers. Or a lot more if the wall did not like the owner of whoever hit the laptop screen all the time. What would schools, museums, or just houses say? What would be better? What would be worse?

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