What If People Only Lived For One Day? What If: Part 2

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Mayflies only live for a couple hours to one day after they are adults, but what if you only lived for one day? If you knew you would live for the time between when you were born to when you fell asleep, how would you spend your day?

Would you rush through the day, stuffing it with as much action as you could, or would you slow it down, and try to examine the little details and soak it all in? How would you treat the planet? How would you treat your friends?

Just like flies, would we run around desperately to leave a legacy of our being behind? What would be better? What would be worse?

Did you choose to spend the time with friends and family, or take in the beauty of nature instead of doing your usual tasks? What you thought about should help you understand what is really important in your life and what things don’t really matter that much.

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