The Legendary Dry Land Of The Saudis: 1-Cactuses

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Cactuses are a spikey-wikey plants. Let me tell you more.

Cactuses live in desserts. They store water in Pads and the stem.

They can be bought and put in your home, but you cannot overwater them because they store water for a long time.

Some of them are poisonous and some are not.

We can drink water out of a cactus, but not too much, because then it will die.

Also, they heal themselves, and if the cactus is infected, you have to cut the infected part off, even a tiny bit of uninfected cactus can regrow the whole cactus.

Also the spikey wikey plant can sting you if you touch it.

The poisonous ones can be very dangerous, even if you smell it!

We can keep cactuses as pets, but it you can see white sap, then it might be a sign of torture to the plant by overwatering or other problems, so its white sap is like poison to protect it.

Some cactuses have beautiful flowers.

People buy cactuses sometimes for the flowers.

That’s the end, bye.

First Episode for The Legendary Dry Land Of The Saudis

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