Warrior Cats Fan Fiction! Chapter 1

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Carcalfang ran through the gorse and heather to catch the rabbit, not stopping to take a breath. She sped up and down hills until, “Meep!” and the rabbit made no more sound. When she met up with the rest of the patrol she soon found they had all caught rabbits of their own. “Great Catch” complemented Snowpatch “We should get back to camp to see how the warriors with foam mouth are doing.”


“Any cat old enough to chase rabbits gather under the One Tree.” exclaimed Lepordstar, “The head healer Snakefern has had a prophecy, I believe that you should hear it, Cats of the wild, come to my call, into the mountains past the streams to three kits that have the power of your power. I would like to know if any of you are half breed cats that are illegal to the code?”

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