Twister, The Cat Who Survived a Tornado (True Story)

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Last summer, I went to my grandma’s house and she told me a story about a cat she met at the vet’s office named Twister. Living at the Vet’s office, Twister is a two-legged cat who can be seen scooting around on the lobby with his remaining paws. Sadly, Twister lost his hind paws after being caught in a tornado that occurred on July 16, 2019.  At the time, he was just a very young kitty and was luckily rescued after someone found him amidst the rubble. Despite getting out alive,  Twister suffered a severe spinal cord injury and presumably needed to be amputated.

Dr. Khan is an ultra cat specialist who felt that Twister was too lively to be put down.  Instead, he did his best to fix him up so Twister could live a semi-normal life again. Things worked out and he is a now special needs kitty who greets everyone who comes in the door for a vet checkup.  Twister has often been described as very sweet and loves all the attention he gets from the visitors!  Due to complications from the Tornado, he has trouble grooming himself and received a shaved “Lion’s haircut”, which further adds to his already unique appearance.

The thing I took away from this story is that Twister went through a tragic disaster, but that didn’t get in his way. With determination, he stayed lively and avoided being put down. Eventually, Twister ended up being the greeter at the Vet and manages to get around just fine with two legs. Therefore, If you ever feel like you’re down and ready to give up, remember the story of Twister.


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