The Story of Toto The Tornado Kitten

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Imagine there was a huge storm, and you were too little to remember it. You got lost from your family, siblings, and everyone, and you were stuck somewhere you had no clue where you were.

That’s exactly what happened to Toto. On June 1, 2011, there was a HUGE tornado in Massachusetts, where it mostly struck Brimfield, Mass. But a little scared, Toto was probably one of the bravest cats in history. He survived the whole tornado in a tree!

Later, after the storm, most of the towns and places it hit were badly damaged. Toto remained mostly unharmed. Firefighters got reports from a tree worker who found Toto in the tree that there was a kitten in a tree.

They rushed there to check it out and found little Toto all by himself stuck in the branch of a tree. The kind firefighters took him back to the fire station and found he was hungry and cold.

They gave him formula, made sure he was warm and cared for him the rest of the day.

The veterinarians who cared for Toto estimated that he was between 2-3 weeks old when he was found in the tree. After he was well cared for, he found his forever home where he lives and is safe from any more tornadoes or trees.

Today, many people have the chance to meet Toto at churches, libraries, and other places. If you live there, maybe you might even get to meet Toto the Tornado Kitten yourself!!

It’s all thanks to the firefighters and vets who helped Toto go from a helpless kitten stuck in a tree to a well-loved cat who lives with a loving forever family.

I hope you enjoyed learning the story of brave little Toto and my first-ever post/article on KN.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please feel free to tell me in the comments!

If you want more information go to Toto’s website to learn even more about him.

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