Top 10 Kidzsearch Users You Should Never Start A Fight With

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I guess you already know that I’m out of ideas since you read the title. But at least I don’t clickbait. Today we’re actually gonna go over the top 10 kidzsearch users who you shouldn’t pick a fight with. This is a kidzweek special edition.

#1) KidzSearch

Okay guys, #1 is kidzsearch. I think this is pretty self explanatory… You’ll probably get banned if you do this. Period. 

Although KidzSearch will take feedback, they probably won’t take insults. I’m surprised that I haven’t been banned because I’ve been really critical of the new kidznet platform. 

#2) GemHeart

I think this one is also self explanatory because GemHeart is probably the most popular user and she has been for a few years now. If you start a fight with her, she will have a legion of fans and friends ready to combat you on her side. I tried doing this once (lol) and I got cancelled. 

#3 JD2005

So um… I don’t know why anyone would even mess with Jay because he’s such a nice person. I’ve only seen him get angry like 2 times, and for good reasons. I think I blocked him once (I make dumb decisions) a few years ago and I got cancelled again.

#4 LunaMoonLight

I’m not going to get to far into this case, but LunaMoonLight has the best comebacks and always makes solid points in a conversation. Don’t mess with her because she’s a low-key savage and can end your kidzsearch career if you decide to pick a fight. Even the #PumpkinPolice stands no chance.  

#5 AmmyK

Recently Autumn tried to start a drama with AmmyK and it ended up becoming a debate over radishes and Martians (?)

She can explain in the comments section of this post because this probably makes no sense without context.

#6 WhizKid

Whizkid is what would happened if VSauce was a kidzsearch user. If you tried to prove him wrong in math or something, he will come up with a 5 paragraph essay as a response. Also, he’s a mod on kidztalk. 

#7 Pumpkin

If you tried to start drama with me, I’d call the #PumpkinPolice and cancel you.

#8 KnightStar

KnightStar was extremely popular back in 2018/2019 and still has a good following that will defend her. She also makes really good points in arguments that you sometimes just can’t even respond to. Also, you’ll get cancelled if you fight with a top user. But if you want to become a social outcast, be my guest and join the #PumpkinPolice. 

#9 TurtleUnicorns

You just shouldn’t start drama with her but somehow I always end up doing it. 

#10 Everyone 

You shouldn’t start drama with people unless it’s clearly a joke and you disclose it with #Satire or something like #PumpkinPolice. I noticed that when users get into real drama, they make a post that says something like “I’m leaving forever”, but they never do. It’s always amusing to read those. 

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this… lame excuse for a post. But if you did, be sure to rate this article and leave a comment below on what I should cover next. If you weren’t in this article, you just aren’t savage enough I guess (lol). I plan to make an issue about the weird sticker emojis on kidznet. 

Okay cya next time-

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