The Worst Pokemon Moves

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The signature move of Delibird is a little strange because it is similar to Metronome and heavily relies on randomness. But Metronome has a considerably greater success rate when it comes to genuinely helping the user.

Four results are possible with Present: a 40% chance to hit for 40 base power, a 30% chance to hit for 80 base power, a 10% chance to hit for 120 base power, and most importantly, a 20% chance to restore 1/4 of the target’s HP. Metronome will nearly never allow it to happen, but Present has a one in five chance of hurting the user.


The Dark-type move “Quash” makes the target go last. Although it looks excellent on paper, it is not as helpful as it appears. It would be useful in a double combat, but doing so would require too much strategic finesse and would be a turn-wasting exercise. Of course, it’s much less helpful in a single combat where you could just use a real move rather than Quash.

Happy Hour

Although it may seem cool, this is not McDonald’s. Happy Hour is an odd move because it benefits the user’s in-game funds. When fired, it will increase the prize money from the battle by two. Of course, this serves no purpose in actual combat. And even then, making money is already simple; after the majority of matches, you usually already become quite wealthy. However, if cash is what you’re after, just use Pay Day.

Hold Hands

Here is the description for hold hands: “The user and an ally hold hands. This makes them very happy.” So what does it do? Hold Hands has no known effect. It is very much like Splash. It plays a cute little animation that has you are all like, “awww,” and before you know it, you’ve wasted a turn!


Celebrate is pretty much the same thing as Hold Hands. The description for this one is “The Pokemon congratulates you on your special day!”

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