The Weirdest U.S. Federal Laws

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Everyday citizens usually make every effort to follow the law. I’m hoping you do, too. You must be aware of some of the strangest laws because you might completely violate them by mistake depending on where you live.

Over the years, many bizarre laws have been created, and each one has a purpose, because someone did something so insane at some point that it had to be made illegal. Admittedly, the majority of these strange laws are either unlikely to be enforced, or unlikely to come up at all. But don’t worry, you’re probably not breaking any of these bizarre rules in the United States unless you regularly nap in cheese factories or wrestle bears.

  1. In Virginia, you can’t kill anything on Sundays besides raccoons!
  2. In Skamania County, Washington, you can’t kill Bigfoot!
  3. In Gainesville, Georgia, you can’t eat fried chicken with a fork and knife!
  4. In Arizona, you can’t let a donkey sleep in the bathtub!
  5. In Connecticut, you can’t sell a pickle if it doesn’t bounce!
  6. In Billings, Montana, you can’t keep a pet rat!
  7. In South Dakota, you can’t sleep in a cheese factory!
  8. In Tennessee, you can’t share your Netflix password!
  9. In Wyoming, you can’t build a large building without displaying art!
  10. In Iowa, a one-armed piano player must preform for free!

Do you know any other bizarre laws? Did you know about any of them?

Do you want a part 2? Please comment below!

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