Even Crazier U.S. Laws

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This is a continuation of the strange U.S. laws series. You can read the first one here. The ones listed below are even crazier than the previous post. Many of these unusual laws were created because a person was so wild that they had to make it illegal in their state.

  1. In California, you can’t eat a frog if it has died during a frog-jumping contest!
  2. In Kentucky, you can’t sell a duckling that has been painted blue unless more than six are for sale with it!
  3. In Massachusetts, you can’t own an explosive golf ball!
  4. In Minnesota, you can’t cross the state border with a duck on top of your head!
  5. In New York, you can’t wear slippers after 10 P.M.!
  6. In North Dakota, you can’t fall asleep with your shoes on!
  7. In Tennessee, you can’t be in public office if you have been in a duel!
  8. In Nevada, you can’t lie down on the sidewalk!
  9. In Kansas, you can’t have ice cream on cherry pie!
  10. In Colorado, you can’t keep a couch outside!

Have you ever heard of these very strange laws? Which one do you think is the strangest? Do you know any others? Please comment below.

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