The Story Of The Two Most Popular Gaming Consoles War

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The story of the PlayStation and Nintendo console war is a long one. A possible collab became a full-on war between the companies for 29 years.

From crash bandicoot roasting Nintendo right in front of its doorsteps to “Wii would like to play with you,” this is the history of the nintendo-playstation scuffle.

The history of this war began with a Sony collab with Nintendo to make a CD add-on for the SNES. “A cool concept indeed.”, Nintendo thought.

So what did Nintendo do? Decided they wanted full licensing rights, so Sony withdrew from the deal.

Phillips was put in place of the project, but it turned out it failed miserably. Fun fact: the “Nintendo PlayStation” prototype was sold for 360,000 Dollars!

Sony, wanting to show Nintendo they weren’t any joke, entered the console market with the PlayStation (it wasn’t called the ps1 yet). And boy, was this one of a knockout for Sony! One hundred million sales (this was the first console to hit that milestone) compared to a measly, yet still impressive, 32.93M.

Nintendo’s old rival, Sega, was pretty much dead at this point. Their console, the sega Saturn, failed and failed embarrassingly.

After the ps1’s release in 1994 (and the n64’s release in ‘96), the PlayStation released one of the most iconic gaming controllers, THE DUALSHOCK! This controller revolutionized the gaming industry, giving players a more “3d” feel to their experience.

Due to this being a possible 3-5 part series, I will have to end the part somewhere, and that somewhere is here. Anyways, see yall later, and keep your minds sharp!

Check Part 2 of this series here.

God loves you. Goodbye for now, people!

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