The Nintendo-Playstation Console Wars FINALE (for now) PART 4

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Alright, I’m making this as long, informational, and well-written as possible. “Why?” You may ask—because this was the last gen.

This gen hasn’t had enough action to be written on yet, other than people almost killing each other for a PS5, along with the fact that I need more points to increase my rank and that this will probably be my last post for like 3 years (when the next-gen releases and this one is done).

I will make you stop scrolling down the post, and then you will ask your parents to fire up the car, go to Walmart and get some popcorn.

Alright, where do we start? Oh yeah, 2012. In 2012 technically, it isn’t when everything started releasing, but it IS when someone fired the first shot.

Nintendo decided to milk the Wii as much as possible with the Wii U, an OKAY console with options at a 2/5, and capabilities pretty much the same. The Wii U simply wasnt what the people wanted.

Wii U

In 2013, however, in typical Sony fashion, Sony decided that they didn’t hear any bell and that they weren’t gonna repeat the last generation. Microsoft wanted to make an all-in-ONE (foreshadowing, haha) console, and an upgraded version of the Kinect (sorry, I didn’t mention it last time), a motion tracker device that allowed players to play games like Dance Central.

Nintendo was Dennis, but Microsoft was Bigger Boot, and finally, Sony was Spongebob and Patrick. Nintendo was Clubber, Microsoft was Apollo, and Sony was Rocky. Nintendo- WAIT. IM GETTING OFF TRACK WITH ANALOGIES.

Sony and Microsoft released their respective consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One. Before we start, here are some facts I am about to puke out.

PlayStation has better exclusives, and Xbox has better power. Playstation has a bigger fanbase, and Xbox has, uh, I don’t know, Taco Bell and Snoop Dogg sponsorship?

Anyways, you get my point. People wanted the PS2 for multiple reasons: the first console was a success, it had a DVD player, it had amazing exclusives, and it was sold a year before the Xbox and Gamecube (nobody cares about you, Sega!).

People wanted the PS3 for multiple reasons, too: it was a powerful console, it had a lot of storage for the time, it once again had amazing exclusives, and finally, it was SONY!

THE SAME COMPANY THAT MADE THE PS2, THE SAME COMPANY THAT MADE THE PS1!!!!! Okay, chill pill. This is what you may think this gen will look like:


But this gen is kinda boring until the end. The PS4 starts out strong, easily surpassing the Wii U. Microsoft fell pretty quickly to Sony.

Fun fact: the PS4 sold 1 million consoles in its first 24 hours 🤯. Another thing that made Microsoft look like a bum was the Xbox One’s launch price vs. the Ps4’s launch price.

Ps4 launch price: $399, no extra stuff needed. Xbox One launch price: $499, upgraded Kinect included. Sony effectively used an uno reverse card this gen, using that same strategy: take advantage of weakness.

Next 3 years: blah blah blah, Sony kick butt. 2016: action for both Sony AND Microsoft.

Oh, a minigame? New versions of console shootout! Sony takes the first shot with the ps4 slim, a  smaller version of the ps4!

Microsoft pulls out its gun and shoots out the Xbox One S, an improved version of the Xbox One!

Xbox One S

And Sony here seems to pull out a SHOTGUN, and they will release the PS4 Pro, a powerful, improved version of the PS4! Okay, game over.

PS4 Pro

All of these new versions were cool and nice to have, but Nintendo was working behind the scenes. They decided to see the main button pads on the sides of the Wii U for a new console! (Evil laughing in the background)

Nintendo: I WILL RULE THE WORLD! ALL HAIL NINTENDO! 2017. The year that changes everything for Nintendo. 2017, Xbox One X is released.

Xbox One X

Nintendo Switch was released, and boy, do people love it! It was innovative and amazing, and they had fun with the new mechanics! People started to like Nintendo for the first time in several years!

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo was rapidly gaining steam, and they were catching up with Sony.. Microsoft was too far behind at this point. Sony was initially able to hold them off, but in 2022, the Ceiling collapsed on Sony.

Okay, everybody. That was the end of part 4. I may release a short summary of the 9th gen around- NOW!

2020: PS5 and Xbox series x release. Toilet paper isn’t the only thing that is hard to get at this point.

Xbox series x

2021: PS5 picks up steam but is still hard to get. Switch OLED is released.

Switch OLED

2022: PS5 and Xbox series x are easier to get now. God of War Ragnarok was released in 2023- nothing much to note yet.

Alright, say goodbye to this series for 3 or 4 years. GravityCentered series #1 ended. Goobay 🙁

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