Nintendo-Playstation Console War (PART 3, Let’s GO!)

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Alright, part 3. Let’s do this.

However, if you haven’t read the previous ones, read parts 1 and 2 here on Kidznet.

7th gen consoles have arrived, and boy, are they revolutionary. Wireless controllers are now routine for consoles, and graphics have gone from “Mehhhh” to “I’d buy this.”

Are you tired of seeing “Sony curb stomped Nintendo,” “Sony annihilated Microsoft,” or “Sony knocked out Nintendo again”? Me too.

Well, disaster starts here! Microsoft released the Xbox 360 in 2005. Being an extremely revolutionary console. Devs could work with it. It had wireless controllers and even had a bundle that came with Call of Duty 2.

Xbox 360 in 2005

Here’s where disaster starts for Sony: Sony announced the PS3 would come out in the spring of 2006. It came out in the fall of 2006, a YEAR after the Xbox 360 was released.

Original PlayStation 3 (2006)

Shortly after the release of the PS3, Nintendo released the Wii, also a revolutionary console.

Here’s more disaster for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo fanboys!

Sony lost money on every PS3 made, and devs couldn’t work with it well, meaning they couldn’t exploit the amazing power that the PS3 had. Microsoft was starting to release new versions of the 360. The Wii was hard to get even in 2007, a YEAR after its release.

However, a plague did come to Microsoft. Insert THE RED RING OF DEATH. You saw three red quarters on your 360s on the button. Your Xbox 360 is, uh, how do you say? Oh yeah, DONE FOR.

Microsoft lost a billion dollars in fixing the problem. Nintendo had no problem cruising thru the competition, and they were winning the console wars for the first time in about 15 years.

Alright: let’s get to the images. This was Sony vs. Nintendo in the 6th gen of consoles (but I couldn’t post the image here because of the watermark).

Now, this is Nintendo vs. PlayStation in the 7th gen:

Finally, equally matched, see? Nintendo and Microsoft had a trick up their sleeves. Work while the other team is bathing in luxury and slacking.

Nintendo especially took advantage of a family-oriented console instead of Xbox and PlayStation being made for real gamers, like teens, mature kids, and adults.

I love the console wars, as they are interesting, but none as interesting as this gen. In the year of 2009, Sony woke up. They quickly released a great marketing campaign for their new PS3 console, the PS3 Slim. It was lighter, cheaper, consumed less power, and was also thinner.

PlayStation 3 Slim (2009)

Sony was finally catching up with Microsoft after slacking in the first half. Microsoft continued to lead Sony, releasing new versions of the 360 along the way.

Sony was catching up, though, and by 2012 had surpassed Microsoft in worldwide shipments of consoles. Meanwhile, Nintendo had a lead that was pretty much impossible to beat at this point.

In September 2012, Sony released the PS3 Super Slim, and in 2013, it delivered Microsoft a KO.

PlayStation 3 Super Slim (2012)

And to finish this absolute war once in for all, Sony released possibly, if not the greatest Playstation/all consoles exclusive of all time, THE LAST OF US. The last of us was a MUST-get game. It had is all.

A heartfelt and heartbreaking story mode, a multiplayer mode that was innovative and fun, and amazing graphics, even for today. But back then, it was like real life, but graphics time 10.  

Wrapping up sales for this gen and… wow. Better than last time’s results. Wii: 101 million. Ps3: 87 million. Xbox 360: 84 million.

Anyways, that wraps up today’s post. Please follow me and like the post, but follow god first.

See yall later; Now go read someone else’s post, serve God, or spend time with him, or you can go outside.

See yall later!

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