Surviv IO: The Reign of the Cobalts

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Story Trailer:

It was a dazzling night that soon would turn to hell on earth.

Dragons arrived.

The Cobalts came to the rescue.

They fight till the end.

Suddenly they heard a boom.

It destroys the dragons.

It was the arrival of leader of the Cobalts.

Soon the sun rose up and daybreak arrived.

The Cobalts showed their power.

Next, all went bright.

They announced the reign of the Cobalts.

They know the Cobalts are good and while cheering for them all went black.


Scout: Mix with nature, small arms, has curiousness

Sniper: One man show, one in the chamber, takedown

Medic: Doctor, Wind walker, Combat medic

Demo: The bomber, Martyrdom, Flack jacket, grenades

Assault: Firepower, hollow points

Tank: The leader. Infinite ammo, cast iron skin.

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