Parts Of The Brain


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The brain is divided into three parts. You basically live in your brain and it controls your body.

  1. Cerebellum: The cerebellum is capable of muscle balance and coordination, like walking.
  2. Brain stem: Basic life support. The brain stem is in charge of things like breathing, heart beats, and blood pressure that keep you alive.
  3. Cerebrum: Performs higher functions like understanding touch, vision and hearing, as well as speech, reasoning, emotions, learning, and fine control of movement. It is composed of the following:
    • Frontal lobe: The frontal lobe is capable of thinking, speaking, personality and learning.
    • Parietal lobe: The parietal lobe decodes massages, such as touch, smell, hearing, taste, sight, direction (GPS) and movement.
    • Occipital lobe: The occipital lobe is capable of vision, color and shapes.
    • Temporal lobe: The temporal lobe is capable of hearing and understanding speech.

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