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My Survival Throughout Nordic History

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Hey Guys, it’s Carly

Im bored so…

Nordic history eras – except how I would survive in them

BTW : I decided to do the calculations by adding 15 (the closest multiple to 5, to my age, 14) and adding my opinion-age. So 15 + x

Example : 15 + x (x = 20) = 35

Math teacher will be proud (I have a god-tier math grade so yeh)

Pre-Viking Age: This would be chill. Life was mild back then and I don’t think there was any danger other than dangerous animals, so I think I’ll live OK here like for 30+ years. I don’t understand a lot of pre-viking age lore.

Viking Age: Depends. If I do the raiding and voyaging (Viking women, despite the fact that they did the most housework, did have rights and were allowed to do raids and voyages, which was great for their time) then 20-30 years. The average Viking had a life span of less than 40 years, which was because the youngest age for these Vikings to do their first raid or voyage is literally when they aren’t even teenagers yet. If I stayed at home in my longhouse in a fjord with my kids and farm animals, then 35 years, but I may die early, because well it is the 9th century.

black textile on gray textile

Standby Era: New era just dropped. I noticed there isn’t any name for the period that is from the Christianization of Vikings to Kalmar Union, so this is the “standby era” because it’s just a filler between the 2 eras. Ah, the medieval times where there was a horrible plague. Now, genetically I have a pretty strong immune system, but that was a very terrible plague so IDK. Also, I wouldn’t want to live here so 25 years

It’s getting shorter and shorter.

Kalmar Union : Now that they’re united, I think it’s much safer. The living conditions in this union where good. Not as good as Scandinavia nowadays, but ok. The government was interesting, which included a baby being the King (later died when he was 10), but I don’t see any big troubles, so probably like 45 years or so. I don’t see a threat of a baby ruling over the entirety of Scandinavia minus Sápmi.

Vasa Dynasty: Depends of country. If I lived in Sweden then I’ll be doomed due to the fall of the Kalmar Union and related wars (if you are under 13 or have sensitivities to violence, I strongly don’t recommend studying the end of the kalmar union), so 20 years.

Iceland – I will also be doomed because there was a lesser-known period of Icelandic history called the Mist Hardships, which was known by that name because since the end of the Kalmar Union, Denmark has cut-off trade to Iceland, which led to a fourth of the historic Icelandic population dying from starvation, and also there were a lot of natural disasters, so 5 years. Norway or Denmark, I could probably live 20-25 years, and Finland probably 25 due to all the chaos with independence

Age Of Liberty : If I lived in Sweden or Finland, then 10 years max. There were still a lot of wars including the great Northern war, and Finland had a civil war AND annexation from Russia, so yeah. Iceland was still dealing with the Mist hardships but at a less severe level, so same age-range, 10 years. Norway and Denmark, probably 15 years max due to the chaos.

Emigration Era: ( Oh Boy My favorite era)

Anyways, The Emigration Era is anything of Nordic history from 1830’s to 1920’s regardless of the association with the Mass Emigration.

Alright … 3 Scenarios

IF I WAS STAYING : 5 years max for Norway and Sweden and 10 years max for Finland. Life there was horrible. There was a famine, overcrowding, and also there was a lot of disease. This is what 90% of the population was dealing with. The other 10% were vibe’n about Iceland, They did not take part in the Emigration (just later and for some odd reason to Canada), and Iceland was getting a bit more peaceful, but there was chaos due to Independence movements.

IF I WAS EMIGRATING : It all depends. I would probably not make it because as I said before, the ships weren’t good (I feel like it can’t get better until you fully left), and plus, I don’t like being with too many people and there was historical proof of people dying while Emigrating and having to be thrown off the sea. If I did make it, then yippee now I have 30 more years.

Ok, so here’s the deal. You get to stay at an unsanitary, crowded and possibly deadly ship for 2-3 months (for some odd reason it is always for 10 weeks – WHY?). I’m an Immigrant myself and my immigration took me 2 days only, and then your life can be good. Sounds good? K.

landscape photo of Aurora lights

ICELAND : 25 years. I would be such a good poet (don’t get it? Icelanders protested for independence and other political things, like the Asatru religion being recognized by poetry).

blue and white boat near buildings at daytime

Modern Era

There is a small, filler era between the Emigration Era and Modern Era, but let’s ignore that shall we…

Anyways, depends. The first 50 years (1920-1970) probably 35 years. Scandinavia (except Norway, Finland, and Denmark in World War 2) were neutral, so I’ll be safe. Then, the latter part in this time obviously I’ll be living a normal life span which is –

does math

65 years

Bye guys.

This took me around  3 hours of research so yeah 😀

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