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Hi! This is Alex’s New group for Code lovers.

  • Me and some of my best coders (selected from a quiz) will send posts about coding.
  • We’ll have lessons for beginner and intermediate coders.
  • You can share your knowledge and experiences with coding.
  • All are free to ask questions and answer them too.
  • We’ll talk about advanced coding with the use of C++ and Python when beginners become fluent with coding.
  • Everything is done step by step, and there will be posts for beginners and intermediate coders each week.
  • We’ll have a quiz once a month, or every 2 months about the lessons.

Everything here will suit any user of any level, and you will be able to test your level from quizzes.

Let us know your level and we will make lessons for you!

Entering this group is free, and this is a social help group to develop computer literacy among kids.

We also like coding so much! At the end of this course you’ll be able to code programs on your own!!

Hurry up! Try the quiz. Comment with your level if you’d like to join.

You can ask your problems in the comment box below. Comments are highly valued.

All coding lovers are welcome to join!

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