Internet KidzSearch Weekly Sometimes Monthly Best Post Awards (IKWSMBPA)

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Hi there! I am your host of the Internet KidzSearch Weekly, Sometimes Monthly, Best Post Awards (IKWSMBPA) – such a long word! Let us get started!

No 4 is Save Wild Mustangs! By @lovelyllama4242
I want to promote this beautiful and emotional article . Please donate for them. The links are

Number 3 is:
Trick questions and more by @esie
The post uses the new feature of KidzSearch to show and hide content.

No 2 is …. No One

No 1 are joint winners – @Pumpkin for writing all the KidzWeek articles with his amazing, easy to read, funny style.

The Second No 1 is @WhizKid for writing How to be a Whiz at Math and Science. Excellent, well explained article. Amazing.

It was a tough choice between KidzWeek and How to be a Whiz at Math and Science



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