Inspiration for Success Part 5: Learn From Mistakes

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This is a short post from my project, but I hope it will inspire you a lot. It is a story about a very famous person who was a great innovator.

He was a miserable young boy at school. One day when school was over, his teacher gave him a letter and told him to show it to his mom and not any others. He went to home and gave it to his mother.

His mother looked at it and suddenly stopped while reading – The young boy imagined that it said “Your son is too bright to come to school and learn. There are not enough qualified teachers to teach him. From here onwards keep him at home and teach.” But he saw tears falling down his mom’s cheeks and knew it was not good.


The letter actually said – “Your Son is too stupid to come to this school. We have no time to spend teaching for him. From here onwards keep him at home and teach.”


From there onwards his teacher was his mother. She saw that her little boy had a good brain. She taught him reading, writing, and arithmetic to the best of her ability. Her son began working at an early age, as most boys did at the time. At thirteen he took a job as a newsboy, selling newspapers and candy on the local railroad. He spent much of his free time reading scientific, and technical books, and also had the chance at this time to learn how to operate a telegraph. At sixteen he was proficient enough to work as a telegrapher full time. He was later known as “The Wizard of Menlo Park”.

Can you guess the name of this person?? I bet you know…He is the innovator of the first light bulb and phonograph. Yeah! He is Thomas A. Edison!! His teacher said that he was too stupid to learn, but he still invented the Incandescent electric light bulb that changed the world forever!

It is said that he tried 10,001 times to make the light bulb work. He actually failed 10,000 times! When he was going to test again for the 10,001 time, his friend complained to him: “Are you going to do 10,001 mistakes? You failed 10,000 times”.

But what did Thomas say? He said, “I haven’t failed 10,000 times. I only found 10,000 ways that I couldn’t make a light bulb.”

Please comment below with your thoughts. Have you ever felt like giving up, but later pushed through and succeeded?

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