I Drew This Chibi.

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Supplies Used: Markers, pencil, imagination, and perseverance.

Who doesn’t think that Chibi are adorable? I love drawing anime and Chibi, but I still am not the best at it. So, what you do is try to make sure you always have a round head because Chibi are meant to look short and cute. You are able to make the eyes any way you want, but try to make them up! What I like to do when drawing Chibi is to base it on an object or character, like SpongeBob. 😉 For instance, this Chibi figure was based off a cat, and I added other features like teal hair and cute boots. The bangs are an original anime design. And last thing is that you are always supposed to use your imagination when drawing Chibi. I hope you have a great day and make awesome Chibi.

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