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Welcome to my drawing group, The Art For Kids Hub Group! It’s the place to be for kids who LOVE drawing. I LOVE drawing and I hope you do too. I also LOVE the Art For Kids Hub YouTube Channel. You can subscribe to the channel (With your parents permission, of course.)

I will post Art For Kid Hub videos every day and you can submit your own drawings!

Many of Art For Kids Hub’s lessons are perfect for any age. All you need is a few supplies! And, remember, it’s TOTALLY okay if your drawings didn’t turn out like they should be, because you know why? Because all you need to do is “Practice and have fun”, as Art For Kids Hub puts it. And you don’t always have to draw with a pencil or a pen. You can draw with crayons, markers, colored markers…the choices are endless! And you can draw with anyone, anywhere, anytime! And Art For Kids Hub also has preschool lessons, which means you can draw with your little brother or your little sister or your little cousin (If you have one), or your little…well, you get the point.

I would LOVE to see how your drawings turned out, so it would be nice if you can post your drawings in this group (If you are comfortable doing that.)               

Art For Kids Hub YouTube Channel:
Art For Kids Hub Website:                                                                        
Art For Kids Hub Blog Page (Where you can see all of their drawing videos.):                

One More Thing: Make sure you turn on Restricted Mode on YouTube and check with an adult before you go on any website. If you have YouTube blocked, you can also view a lot of their videos on KidzSearch in their KidzTube section. This will help you avoid seeing things that are only for adults. Tell me if you have any questions about Art For Kids Hub, or if you need help turning on Restricted Mode on YouTube. Have fun!

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