How Smoosh are you? Personality Comparing Quiz

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Hello!! It’s me, again and today I am holding a quiz…

How Smoosh are you?

Basically it’s a quiz to see if you have similar taste to me 🤣

So… Let’s get started 🙂

✏️ you might wanna get a piece of paper and pencil to note down your answers ✏️

Ok time for the questions!

1. You like anime

A) Like it???? I love it! ♥️

B) Yes! 🙂

C) It’s okay I guess 🤷

D) nope 🤮

2. You like J pop

A) YES!! 🎧

B) it’s fine I think 🤷

C) Eh… 😐

D) eww no 😨

3. You like going camping and hiking and the outdoors

A) Yep! It’s so fun to be in the beautiful nature! 🏕️🌲🥾

B) yeah it’s fun 🌲🙂

C) I guess 🤷

D) I’d rather be on my phone… 📱😐

4. You like…

A) Chocolate 🍫

B) Gummies 🍬

C) Fizzy candies 🍭

D) other 🍭🍬❓

5. What colour scheme out of these do you like?

A) green, pink and yellow 💗💚💛

B) blue, red and yellow 💙❤️💛

C) red, purple and blue ❤️💜💙

D) green, brown and grey 💚🤎🤍

Ok. Time for the quiz summary!

Mostly A’s: you are most like me! We’re like twins! 👯

Mostly B’s: We are close as friends!🙂

Mostly C’s: You’re kinda like me! Cool! 😉

Mostly D’s: We have our differences, but we are still friends!

Remember to comment your results!


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