1 hour and 30 min challenge

"updates weekly" lol

resin shaker ✩☽

raffle time B)

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the winner will be randomly selected. they'll get a drawing from me of anything they want (as long as it is within kidzsearch's and my own moral code). i'll pm the winner in 4 days.

i'll post the winner's prize in my art group once i'm done with their drawing

art of me and a friend

my old gaia online avatar

most of the work I've been posting is older stuff, mainly because I haven't been able to finish a piece lately due to school. Once school is out (which is May 28th for me), I'll be able to make new drawings. Just wanted to give some clarification about it :-)

Something I did earlier this year. Sometimes I alternate between a semi-realistic style and my normal one :p

chibi I did for @GemHeart about a month or two ago

chibi done for @KnightStar

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