Group for 11-Year-Old Girls!

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When you’re 11, a lot of changes can happen.

Tell you what, I’m 11 too, and I feel all the same things sometimes. And remember, that’s OK.

I like to have fun and talk to other 11-year-olds, so I created this, and this group was born.

In this group, you can talk about anything you like. So if you need help or have a question about whatever you’re experiencing right now, I can help you with it, and I will also like your comment.

You’re not alone, even if you feel like it. You can talk to other 11-year-olds that feel the same way.

Don’t worry if I don’t answer right away; I will. Just keep checking your comment every day.

However, please remember, no bad words or being inappropriate! Be kind and respectful too!

Thank You for keeping this group growing! Have fun!

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