I haven’t had very many weird dreams lately, but I did have this one...

I was walking home from school, which is kinda weird because I’ve never walked to school in my life, and I saw this big castle that kind of looked like Elsa’s castle in Frozen. For some unfathomable reason, I walked in and saw two other kids there. we walked in and saw a grandfather clock in the corner. A big mouse that kinda reminded me of Reepicheep was sitting there eating cheese, and then he ran over the clock waking up a cat. There was a tom-and-jerry chase that went on, and the other kids and I ignored it and went up stairs that had appeared. At the top, the second floor was covered in bookshelves and there was one of those bed-couch things in one corner. The guy that was with me went over to it and laid down/sat down, and a guy dressed in a white robe thing came in. He opened a cabinet that was under one of the bookshelves and took out a tray with the Eucharist on it and the guy that was laying down ate it. Then my dream ended. Weird.

Once I saw a dream in which I was lying on a bed full of snakes, which was kinda scary and strange. I didn't even think about snakes...

C'mon, guys! Post your dreams!!! ;D

Here's another dream in which this chick turned up in.

In the dream, my house was cold and lifeless. It starts off with my siblings and I playing a game in the living room. In my old house, when you first enter, you see the living room. To the right is the fireplace and past that is the hallway leading to the master and the kids' bedrooms and bathroom. To the left is downstairs, and in front of you is the kitchen.

So, my parents aren't there but in the dream I'm constantly saying, "Don't wake them". I don't know what "they" were in the dream. I felt my parents' presence BUT they weren't there, and like I said, the whole place felt cold, but it was dead.

From downstairs comes this woman, aka the woman from the previous dreams (in other versions of this dream, she comes from the kitchen, which is very dark). She looks a bit different, and acts like a friend to us. She asks us what we want the most in the world, and says she'll give it to us. So, after some stuff I don't hear, she takes us to the front door, which you can look out of. Outside, the world is winter. It's grey. She opens the door, and we go outside. I go out because I'm scared of her, and when she follows me, the dream ends.

It's very odd. Since this dream I haven't had another dream with her. But I did have dreams before this one with her.

So, one of my weirdest recurring dreams happened when I was 5( was gonna post this on Halloween but was too busy, ya know how it goes). Anyway it was about a woman with long black hair and she hung out behind the headboard of my bed, which was against the wall. If I slept with my head near the headboard I didn't have the dream. If I did, I did.

She would rise out from behind the board and stand there creepily. I could never see her face except for the last dream I had of her. Anyway, for a few dreams she would stay there, but then she started moving closer. What was creepy with that it felt real, like those paralysis demon dreams. Then after several of these happening every night for a year or two, the dreams ended with the last one.

In this one, I was wondering around my house and came into my parents' bedroom. In this one, the woman had supposedly murdered them, and I saw her face: a wide grin, dark hollowed eyes and bloody features and hands. She told me she had killed my parents and that "I am your mommy now".

While those dreams ended after I began praying more often, another weird dream cycle came along a few years later. It involved a hand clutching my shoulder while I slept and I felt it waking up. It could have easily been one of those "false awakening" dreams but I don't think it was. And by the feel of the hand, it was a woman's hand with these sharp fingernails. My theory is that after those former dreams, I imagined her again and had those dreams. They ended on their own, but they were really scary and I even remember getting up at night and feeling something grab my ankles, presumably the same "hand".

What do you think? I think this woman was a demon of sorts, though I'm not sure what to think about her. I have never had a dream about her again, but she did appear randomly in some other nightmares I had back at my old house. In the dreams, she was always in my old house, doing something.

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