random thing, but I was at a restaurant today and saw a guy, or a girl, dunno what to call them, walk into the employees only door (right next to the bathrooms) and then come out again, and I heard them say to the lady walking out of the room how they thought that was a gender-fluid restroom.

What should you do if you’re being bullied? I told my parents but they don’t believe me because the girl is verbally bullying me and I don’t look hurt at all.


Dear girls and boys, you can always ask me for advice. I love to help people.

SO, second poster here, so gender is not a spectrum. Style is for sure, but gender is not. Change my mine, you can burn be 'cuz I'm expecting that XD


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This is a group where boys and girls give each other advice! You also won’t be judged. Shout out to LLM for the idea!
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