Hiii CSeries!

Hëÿłö güÿś höw's ït göïñg?

How’s it going, CSeries?


September 29, 2019
Mornin Mickel, me, and my dad got starbucks, then we went to my dad's work. They had some stuff they had to get done.
The rest of the day all the way until 5 PM: I was on my chromebook, Mickel was helping the other people who had to work there, and my dad was also working. When it was time, We started packing up to leave and I added some cool stuff to my Chromebook. I don't have a camera except my chromebook camera and it can't take a picture of itself on the outside, can it?
The rest of the day: chores getting ready for bed and sleeping.
That was today in a nutshell.

Hi CSeriestechhero! How’s it going? 🤗

September 28, 2019 simplified.
I slept 14 hours because I forgot to wake up lol. I'm known to fall asleep and sleep until 4 PM on weekends.
Mornin Checking notifications on KidzNet and being useless and all that. My stepmom left for her bridal shower cuz my dad and stepmom are getting married on October 19th. I ate a bowl of Reese's peanut butter cereal because I LOVE peanut butter. After that I started to do some chores I think.
My stepmom's car steering wheel stopped responding, so she took my dad's car. My dad tried fixing it and it worked. He told us about the Vegas EDM Parade and I didn't want to go for some reason. (I don't love EDM music as much as I used to but i don't dislike it or hate it. It also depends on what song it is.) we went anyways.
At the EDM parade: It was very weird. The music wasn't bad to be honest, and I liked some parts of the music they were playing. Let me tell you a little bit about me back then. when I was a little boy (probably between 7 to 10 years old) I would quote unquote "break-dance" and I thought it seemed awkward to do it at this event plus even if I did dance I wouldn't break dance or anything special at the parade. I would dance like a 70 year old man just shaking his arm up and down while moving his body left and right, or I would just dance like a idiot. we left 3 minutes before 8:00 PM because after 8:00 it is adults only so our dad drove me and my little sister to Five Guys (the burger place so my dad and I could eat some burgers and fries and got some Chipotle for Mickel. We went home, did chores and went to bed where I am right now typing this long post about my day at 12:49 PM when I could be sleeping right now.
Thanks for taking your time reading this post. By the way Kitten I am REALLY REALLY almost done with your Nyan Cat drawing. I just am very busy with life so there are delays.
See ya'll next post!

September 27, 2019 simplified. Sorry I didn't post on Thursday
P1, Spanish Class: Really stressful and boring. I got in trouble
P3, Math Class: I was late for this class. We had to switch seats. Learning a new way to calculate a 3D shape surface area was kind of a struggle, but I think I got the hang of it. It was because we had to learn how to write the formula. Also, this annoying kid kept unplugging my Chromebook's charger and complained because it was almost charged. He didn't even need to charge his, so I really annoyed. Now you may be asking why I charge my Chromebook almost every single class, and it is because 1: my battery sucks. 2: It will last longer and I will be able to have enough battery power to finish art requests from ya'll offline on the bus. And 3, so I can watch memes with my friend on the bus. That is why I plug in my Chromebook's battery.
Navtime and Lunch: Activity 1, was Game Time where we play video games in that class and so I was trying to beat Sans from Undertale with the Bad Time Simulator after that, I FINALLY head to lunch after 2 weeks of eating no lunch from school. I got to see The Furry That Plays Earthbound and her friend and I challenged her to battle Sans with the Bad Time Simulator website. She didn't go really far. We hung out in the Quad before our next class
P5, ELA: Haven't told you guys yet, but the internet suck in that classroom and today it was even worse! But we were able to keep up on the classroom schedule even with all the interruptions.
P7: I hung out with my friend like usual and so we were doing stations in class so we did separate, it was fine.
Dismissal/Bus: I taught my other friend I watch memes with (ill call him Bad Breath) how to draw on the computer, and then we watched memes after he finished learning how.
Thanks for all your support. I'm very sorry I didn't make a post on Thursday, I had to do chores and stuff so I didn't have enough time to log on.
See ya'll!

Kitten, I'm almost done drawing Nyan Cat!

So let me explain today (Wednesday, September 25, 2019) in a nutshell. I ate my breakfast like a normal, socialized human being, but the cafeteria seemed to be really weird this morning. What I will usually do in the cafeteria is eat, go on my chromebook, check my KidzNet notifications, ask if anyone does not want part of their breakfast (like a kind person would.) leave the cafeteria, find The Furry That Plays Earthbound (sometimes), and then go to class.
Today was a Odd day.
P1, Spanish Class: It was OK. I didn't get in trouble or anything.
P3: Math class: We had a substitute teacher today. I was a little off-task checking notifications on KidzNet, but I still did some of my classwork. Let me tell you a little about the substitute though. She is a CREEP. I get that teachers are supposed to check to see what some kids do on their chromebook, BUT THERE IS A THING CALLED GOGUARDIAN WHERE YOU CAN SEE WHAT THE WHOLE CLASS IS DOING ON THEIR CHROMEBOOKS VIA YOUR COMPUTER THANKS! You would never want that teacher to be your substitute teacher!
NavTime: OK, first let me tell you a little about NavTime. NavTime is like 2 extra 30 minute class periods but teachers will let you do fun activities depending on what you sign up for. There are 2. It was peaceful because I signed up for a NavTime where you can draw, write, catch up on classwork, but you can only talk very quietly, or stay silent. It was fun. Some kid introduced me to a slightly interesting game but I continued to do something else, like CHECKING KidzNet NOTIFICATIONS.
P5, ELA/Writin Ah yes. A normal, peaceful classroom. Nothing bad happened there
P7, Science: Dun, dun, duuuuhn! Our classroom had ANOTHER substitute, and I met her from spanish class yesterday (the 24th) and she was a mostly nice teacher there, but in science, she was a very mean teacher! My friend (The Furry That Plays Earthbound) and I were being friends and talking, making jokes, yet still doing classwork (we are off-task sometimes though). We had to do a quiz today, and guess what, my friend got 14/20 for her quiz score and I got the same score. AND I SWEAR I DID NOT COPY HER!!!! I even double checked. We got points knocked down for different questions, so we didn't copy each other (we don't copy each other anyways unless it is actually necessary and the other one is ok with having some answers copied as long as it is not in a test.) I don't get it. Almost all of my other classmates in science kept bothering the teacher except the quiet introverts that do their classwork, and my friends (there are only have 3 friends in science class).
Dismissal: Me and my friend (The Furry That Plays Earthbound) were talking and joking around, and I walked with her to the bus lines and I made my friend laugh so much and I don't even remember what I said to make her laugh!
We said goodbye and I waited for my bus. It was broken down! The bus kids had to wait 30 minutes or so so we could finally go home (in the hot sun by the way).

So that was basically today.

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