I saw a cat that almost got ran over today. 😥 😰

レタス コブラー トゥインキー is Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie in Japanese

So earlier I was reading some manga called Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai which means"I don't have many friends" and I wanted to draw something. And I felt bored at the middle of the night and drew the image below in Chrome Canvas. And then after that, I read some more Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai*, and then posted this piece of art at 4AM (again!11!!!!!!) and I'm going to bed. Goodnight!

*(lets call Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai "Haganai" instead for future posts for now since that's the manga's other name)

i finished a good anime and have to watch the next part
but for now, im going to read the manga version....

What did y'all get this Christmas?

Sorry that i have not been posting on here alot....
I don't usually have the time to write my day all the time, but i will try to update yall with my life since i do need to catch up. i will try to go onto KidzNet whenever possible, so don't worry!
i also have some wallpapers i need to share in this group.
i gtg its like 3 in the morning for me. talk to yall later i guess...

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Hëÿłö güÿś höw's ït göïñg?

How’s it going, CSeries?


September 29, 2019
Mornin Mickel, me, and my dad got starbucks, then we went to my dad's work. They had some stuff they had to get done.
The rest of the day all the way until 5 PM: I was on my chromebook, Mickel was helping the other people who had to work there, and my dad was also working. When it was time, We started packing up to leave and I added some cool stuff to my Chromebook. I don't have a camera except my chromebook camera and it can't take a picture of itself on the outside, can it?
The rest of the day: chores getting ready for bed and sleeping.
That was today in a nutshell.

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