Hey guys!
I have disappointing news...
The MOHTER 5 web comic series will not be continued, but there will be an eBook.
Why would CSeriestechhero would stop the web comic?
It is becausemy art sorta sucks, and I get that some may be entertained by the art but it does takes week to draw a page plus taking pictures of my pages aren't gonna work,
I am gonna wait until my art improves so you guys have a better quality web comic series.
Like I mentioned earlier there will be a eBook for this which should be more entertaining to read because reading is fun. The eBook will be available on Wattpad, roygbp Media (my website) and a edited version on KidzNet in order to follow the rules. Always ask an Authority figure if it is OK to sign up for Wattpad especially for the fact that some stories other users write may not be kid friendly. And if you are below 13, you should be supervised so you know where you are going. There is an app for Wattpad, but again, always ask before you download an app (obviously the app is 100% legit and has no viruses or I would have never mentioned Wattpad in the first place.)
I might rename the MOTHER 5 Group to the eBook or mention both in the name, that will be put into consideration.
Thank you for taking time for reading this and I may not have time to reply to comments. So goodbye for now!

We have been having issues while trying to rename the group and the group is almost impossible to access unless you go to the directory

Hey. How are you? and how is your comic going? I miss having you on KN all the time!

Page 2 is fixed with warm colors for night readers, and has captions so it is easier to read

Hey, CSeriestechhero. I hope your comic is going good.

Thanks again guys! I am working on the second panel on the second page! And thing are being slightly delayed because I drew the panel on paper because drawing it seemed quite easier than trying to draw on electronics especially because I don't have my own tablet nor do I have a Chromebook because school hasn't started yet. Things are improving because of your guys love and support. Thank you so much. I would never have been motivated if it weren't for you all. Go ahead and ask questions about the comic such as story, progress, etc. Make fan posts, jokes memes and stuff that'll motivate me to work my hardest on this comic series! Thank you for being such supporting friends! You are such awesome people for being such patient supporters and fans!

how are the comics doing?

Panel/page1 complete

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Sorry to let you down guys, but the MOTHER 5 webcomic series is not going to be released, it will make a comeback in the form of an ebook. Lots of users may be asking why, but it is because I'm not ready to make a webcomic series yet. It will take too much time to make the pages, I'm not o good with angles when it comes to drawing, though I'm improving. And I don have enough time in my life to get a whole webcomic series to complete, so I am writing it in a ebook from instead. For people who aren't so familiar with the ebook, here is what it is about: MOTHER 5 is a ebook about a kid (me) and my friends trying to stop Giygas now controlled by the power, the negativity, and the hate he left for a world like ours to suffer from. After he was defeated by Ness and his friends in Earthbound/MOTHER 2) As Giygas remains restore and recover from the damage he took, travel to a galaxy like ours, and prepare to finally destroy the world and take over the galaxy. Like a virus, Giygas will regrow inside of the Apple of Enlightenment so he can destroy Earth on another alternate universe like ours around 2020 so he the "Cosmic Destroyer" can fulfill such evil destiny in an alternate, unstable planet like ours. Will he? And how could a team of over 10 kids defeat Giygas for good?
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