A long time ago before I started posting my drawings I drew a picture of me and GemHeart but I didn't know she liked cats so I made her a rat because she had pet rats. Hope you guys like it especially you Gemmy!!

So today I went through my old drawings and decided to post some!! Hope you like them!!

Aren't they so cute!!😻😻😻😻

A drawing of my other pet kitten as a human her name is Mini Joe.

I drew another one of my characters in my old series Cortana her name is Ella.

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This group is about me posting my drawings and posting my story's. You can ask for a story you want me to write or request a drawing you want me to draw. I'll be posting drawings three times a week and making storys one at a time. Please feel free to share , like and comment on my posts. You can join to see my drawings, request and read my story's. Please enjoy!!