People I have left Howrse A LONG Time ago so good bye ;(

I just started this thing where I make great horses like this and sell them! Its so fun!
Name: Cerulean
Price: 450,000e

If you need help I have the route of the second maze.

Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling...

I really like this Golden Apple coat!

Jack Sparrow



OMG! I have wanted a unicorn for sooo long! It is a Lippizan Colt with a White coat. I sold a couple horses and bought him for 33,000 equus! Which is pretty cheap for a unicorn. My plan is to breed him for a decent amount of money and save up for a female (or a pass for 50,000) so I can breed more. What should I name him?

I used a Vintage Apple to give Hoodoo a makeover. Its a Friesian coat. Here she is!

Here is mine!

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