Family is Forever (GravityCentered Original Story) Introduction part 1

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Alright! My new series has begun here. I will get to the setting and characters right about… NOW!

Marley: a busy workaholic mom who loves her kids. Dirty blonde with a slim build.

Kevin: a laid-back, happy-yet-sad dad who hasn’t seen his kids in years. Brown with a buff build.

Jack: the 16-year-old son of  Marley and Kevin. Generally laid back. Brown hair with a Normal build.

Jordan: the 11-year-old son of Marley and Kevin. Energetic. Brown hair with a Normal build.

Madison: the 11-year-old daughter of Marley and Kevin. Super laid back. Dirty blonde with a slim build.

Arthur: the close friend of Marley and Kevin, “uncle” of the kids. Laid back. Brown hair with a buff build.

Setting: Kevin’s home is 30 minutes away from San Diego. Marley’s home is in downtown Oakland.

The kids live with Marley, divorced from her husband. Jordan and Madison don’t really know their dad, what he looks like, and where he lives. Meanwhile, Jack knows all about it.

Jack was 7 when their parents split up, so it was sad for him, as he understood. He wants to be a boxer just like his dad, and he’s been kept away from Christianity and other religions, like the other kids.

All of them are generally curious about Christianity and want to know about it. Kevin lives on a small ranch (he isn’t really southern or a cowboy), and Marley lives in a decently big house with a pool.

The two main characters of this story are Jack and Kevin, probably the most interesting characters, in my opinion.

OKAY, intro and setting over. Get ready for the series to begin. I will try to pump out a new episode every 1-2 days.

If you want to read the first episode, click here.

Hope yall guys love it! Keep it cool. Keep it safe. God always loves you!

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