Family is Forever – Episode 8

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This is my second time writing this because I accidentally pressed on the Kidzsearch logo and it reset all of my progress. I am extremely angry right now, but I will still make this good.

As Phil Weston said in kicking and screaming, “I am angry. I’m- I’m spitting angry! I’m like a tornado of anger…, swirling about!” Anyways, other than that, I can’t expand on this series anymore.

Once the series is done, I will still make shorts, so spoiler: you may see Jack and Hailey at prom. Enjoy.


Taylor texted Jack. “Hey, Jack. Me, Norton, and your dad are going for a 15-mile run. You going?”

“Yeah,” Jack replied.

They put their phones away. They all went for the run and successfully completed it.

“Jack looking like little Mac here,” Norton said. “Norton looking like Mr. Sandman in the Wii version,” Jack said.

They all laughed. They all went home and trained vigorously.

Over the next 2 weeks, Jayden’s family, Jack’s family, Taylor, and Hailey all went to the water park, and amusement park, where Taylor and Jack puked, and Jack took Hailey on a date to Urban Air trampoline park.

They played dodgeball, balance bridge, and warrior course, and just bounced on the trampolines.

“That was the most exhausting and fun night of my life,” Hailey said. “It was more fun with you,” Jack replied.

Hailey hugged him, and Jack hugged her back. “Let’s go home. I’m tired.” Hailey said. “Agreed,” Jack replied.

They both went home. Kevin and Jack both worked out vigorously, and Kevin plowed through every sparring partner in his way. The only one that stood a chance was Norton, who stunned Kevin only to be knocked down and have his mouthpiece knocked out.

Kevin improved his strength, speed, stamina, durability, and motivation HEAVILY.

Jack improved his friendship with everyone, and he improved his relationship with Hailey.

Arthur improved his cooking, Norton improved his power, and Taylor improved his speed.


Kevin had an incident during training, however. “LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! LEF- Kevin, you all right?” Jayden said.

Kevin sat down and said, “Yeah, I’m fine.” He put his head on his fist. He then collapsed.


Jack immediately got the truck and drove Kevin to the hospital. They rushed Kevin to the ER. Turns out, the doctor said, “He’s fine. Just a bad case of exhaustion. He should be good to go, he just needs to rest a bit.”

Jack and Jayden replied, “Thank you.”

They took a now-conscious Kevin home, and Kevin got his rest. When Kevin got up, Jack said one thing: “I want you to win this. I know you can, and I believe in you. We’re in this together.”

Kevin replied, “You’re a great kid. I love you, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for a long time.”

Jack replied, “I love you too, and it’s not your fault.” Kevin smiled and got back to bed.


Norton had his second fight. They wrapped his hands and put his gloves on.

“Remember, this guy has a weak spot. Go for the ribs. Make it hard for him to breathe. When he’s covering his body, land a hard, sharp, and clean hit to his jaw. Now beat this chump.” Kevin said.

Norton entered the ring with his entrance music being “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns n’ Roses.

His opponent was Kai Kealoha, also known as “The Hawaiian Horror,” for his hard punching power and intimidating stature.

He was 12-0, 12 KOs. He went to the middle with Norton as the ref explained the rules.

When Norton put his gloves up, Kai didn’t as a show of disrespect. “Put your gloves up, chump,” Norton said. Kai was silent.

“I SAID PUT YOUR GLOVES UP CHUMP!” Kai slammed his gloves on Norton, but Norton was so strong his gloves stayed in the same place.

Kai was 6’4 and was a heavy favorite. The bell sounded, and Norton went straight to work. Kai threw a long jab, which Norton ducked under and delivered a brutal body blow. He went on an aggressive attack, landing heavy blows to the body.

After Kai started to protect his body, Norton delivered 2 sharp, devastating hooks in two seconds. Kai went down. He took the 8 count and got back up.

Kai went on the attack, but Norton blocked or dodged all of them and delivered his “star punch” from punching out, a brutal uppercut, and knocked Kai down again.

Kai stayed down, and Norton got the KO. Kai slammed the mat in frustration.

After that, everyone went to a fancy Italian restaurant. They all celebrated and had fun, and ate. However, it was one week till Kevin’s fight. He was nervous.

That’s the end of episode 8. The next episode will probably be the finale.

Anyways, see yall later. God loves you, bye!

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