Family is Forever – Episode 5 TEASER

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“Hey, Kidznet users and NobodyImportant!” said Kevin. “Yeah. That’s right. I’m breaking the fourth wall-“ Kevin continued before being interrupted.

“Okay, okay. This is episode 5. Super cool, right? It was pretty easy to talk to you. All we did was-“ Jack butted in. “HEY, HEY, HEY! Don’t tell them!” Hailey said.

“We just got a hammer and broke down four walls placed in front of one another,” Jack whispered. “UGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! JACK!!!” Everyone said.

Okay, other than that fourth wall break, I have been messing around on my Wii and have reached a dead end on my Fortnite creative game.

Anyways, enjoy this episode.

*RING RING!!!* Kevin picked up the phone. “Yo, who is this?” Kevin blurted out.

“I, Rick Phillips. Boxing promoter and manager of up-and-coming young boxer Terrance Fuller. We wondered if you would like to do an exhibition match since his competitor was injured last week. It’s a decent payday, and you still got some gas left in the tank. As George Foreman once said, playing a 40+ isn’t a death sentence.” The promoter said.

“Alright, I got multiple questions. “One, how did you get my number? Two, why are you calling me at 6:47 in the morning? And finally, why do you think a 40-year-old man trying to relax and live a good life with his kids wants to fight a man that would give him brain damage or kill him?” Kevin said.

Fuller sighed. “You miss the ring, I know. We will give you money to pay for all your kids’ college tuition, dumb money to blow off on expensive watches and shoes, and enough money to buy your oldest son a nice and expensive car. Say, uh, a Tesla.” Fuller replied.

“Give me a bit to consider. This is my health we’re talking about, but my kid’s future too. I also kinda wanted to get back in the first place. I’ll consider the deal.” Kevin replied.

And that’s the end of the teaser.

See ya later, alligators. God loves you. Byeeeeee.

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