Viral Optical Illusions: How Do You See Them?

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An optical illusion is when something tricks your eyes. It makes you see it differently from how it is, or how you think you see something that’s not there.

For the past years, viral posts about examples of optical illusions have surfaced and have been debated by millions of people.

One example of that was the dress color illusion. In February 2015, a huge debate was ignited over whether the viral dress posted on Tumblr was blue and black or white and gold. 

It polarized the entire Internet into two groups, with millions across social media joining the discussion. Some people saw a white and gold dress, while others saw a blue and black dress.

So how do you see it?

Another post about an optical illusion that has gone viral was originally posted on Twitter and started showing up on other platforms. It showed many white plates scattered around each other. However, people can’t decide which way up they are. One thing that makes it even more amazing is that if you try to find a single plate that is facing in the opposite direction of the rest, they all seem to magically reverse direction for some people.

Several users found it “confusing” and “creepy,” while some argued they always saw the plates face up.

One user commented, “I can only see them as right side up.”

Another suggested that viewing the photo from a different angle can change how your brain takes in the information.

So which way up do you see the plates?

Here’s another one. A screenshot of a sneaker swept the web, similar to that dress color illusion again. But no one could decide what color the sneaker was.

Some people see the sneaker as pink and white, while others say it’s aqua and grey.

So what do you see?

P.S. I’ll post the original color of the dress and sneaker in the comments section!

What are your thoughts about this? Do you know other viral optical illusions? Please comment below with your answers.

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