Do You Know About The World’s Biggest Cat?

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Hello everyone! I’ll start the post with wishing a good evening/morning or afternoon.

Although I´m not new here and have many guest posts, this is my first post as a registered member.

Anyways. Do you know about the world’s biggest cat?

I know you will probably say “a lion or a tiger” and that it is a pretty easy question!

But suddenly I say, “No, no, no it isn’t. It isn’t a tiger or a lion!”

What? Then who is it? Do you have the answer?

I Do! See the picture below…

Can you guess? Let’s see if your answer is correct.

The biggest cats in the world are the roaring LIGERS.

You probably haven’t heard about them, but some may know. You may also think I’ve mixed it up with tigers and lions. OH NO. It is their true name!

They have the strength of a lion and speed of a tiger. It is a hybrid cub of a male lion and a female tiger. You may or may not know that a Liger’s  parents (tiger mom and lion dad) belong to the same genus called Panthera and are in the same family – Felidae, but they are still two different species. However, they are inspired by their parents – they enjoy swimming like tigers, and are very sociable animals like lions!  The Liger is one of the best land mammals and they  typically grow larger than both mom and dad!!!

Now you know that the biggest cats are ligers. But who is the BIGGEST liger? Let’s see.

The liger named Hercules is the biggest among the known ligers. It weighs approximately 922 pounds! Even a fully grown male lion weighs just 420 pounds and a full grown male tiger – only 660 pounds! See how much ligers weigh!!

Anyway, when talking about their appearance, they have sandy, dark yellow fur with faint stripes and rosettes on their skin, but the back side of their ears is covered with dark spots, and the bottom part is white colored. Their behavior and morphology is like their dad (more lion than mom tiger). Despite being a massive giant version of a tiger and lion, it can run extremely fast and can reach a speed of 50 miles per and hour! A tiger’s top speed is just 40 miles per hour.

Because ligers grows bigger than both parents, it causes problems to mom during the “baby holding period,” known as gestation and can be life threatening to her.

These ligers also suffer from a condition called “gigantism,” as vets call it, which causes them to grow forever, and their organs cannot keep up. So sadly, that makes them have a shorter lifespan than both parents.

Here’s are some photos of the record holding biggest cat liger – HERCULES !!! —-

We are at the end. I hope this helped you all a lot. This is my first post as a registered member. Don’t forget to leave your comments about it.

“Keep your work up, and always try to achieve your targets”.

Stay in touch with KS to see my pending post about “true hybrid mammals that are still alive “.

Thank you,


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