Chess or Checkers – Part 1 Chess

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Chess or checkers, what would do you prefer? In this series we will explore them.

Chess is a game where you have to checkmate the king.

The Pawn

The player pieces of chess are the pawn, queen, king, rook, horse, and bishop.

The pawn moves forward 2 steps on the first play, and then one step on all others. It can only go diagonal when there is an enemy piece to eat. When it goes to the other side of the board it can be transformed to a queen, rook, horse, or bishop.

The Knight (Horse)

The horse, or knight, can move like a L. So on the chessboard, wherever it is, it can jump over any character.

The Rook (Castle)

The the rook is the castle. it can move vertical and horizontal to the edges of the board.

The Bishop

The bishop can go diagonal to the edges of the board.

The Queen

The queen can do all moves, except jump like the horse.

The King

The king can move in all directions by one step, but you have to protect it from being attacked or you will lose the game (Checkmate).

Tips and tricks for chess.

  • When there is no character blocking the king and rook, they can switch places. It is called castling.
  • The jumper (knight/horse) is also known to be one of the most dangerous characters because they can harm two characters at a time.
  • Without the queen, the battle often turns into almost certain death for the king.
  • Rooks (castles) are the most useful for giving checkmates when the opposing king is in the middle. However, when it is at the top edge of the board with two pawns taken, it becomes unprotected and cannot escape the bishops line of attack.

Chess Jokes

Why was the chess player so upset in the restaurant?

Because the waiter said “Check”

What are chess players favorite food?


Good Chess Website For Kids

Chesskid is a safe chess site for kids. They even have 4 player chess and puzzles. It is the most popular chess website used by kids.

Do you play chess? Please comment below.

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