Cheetahs: The Complete Guide

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Ferocious Felines

Imagine you’re in Africa for a vacation. Your tour guide takes you and your family on a safari. Then, out of the blue, you see an animal as fast as a bullet. Then it hits you, OH, it’s a cheetah.


Cheetahs live in mainly dry parts of the world. A cheetah lives mostly in parts of Southern Africa, Asia, and parts of the Middle East. They mostly live in open forest sections.


A cheetah’s appearance is very different from that of other cats. A cheetah has stripes on its tail and black tear-shaped marks under its eyes, and it can live for 12-17 years in the wild.


A cheetah’s adaptations help it thrive and catch prey. For example, cheetahs have a super flexible backbone and a light body to help them run faster and be more agile.

Next, they have black tear-chapped marks under them to protect their eyes from the sun.

Do you want to know another crazy fact? Ever wondered what the spots on a cheetah do? The spots on a cheetah are actually for recognizing each other.

Did you know?

Baby cheetahs are born blind. Cheetahs are about 2x faster than a racehorse. Cheetahs can’t roar or climb trees, but they can chirp and purr. Sadly, they are vulnerable, and there are only about 7,500 left in the wild.

I hope you enjoyed reading about cheetahs!

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