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hI! I’m sure y’all remember me, I didn’t change my username so that people wouldn’t be confused. I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life. If KN was up, you’d probably see a lot more of my updates. Those things have allowed me to mature as a person – I’m still the same as ever, I just know more about myself. 


Honestly, I can’t remember how my week went. I can barely remember yesterday. Everyday has been a switch of days, like the sun proceeding into the night was via the switch of a button. Maybe every moment that passes me by, I do not accept as I should. I think it’s better that way. If I did, then every moment of every second would ponder my mind – which crosses my peace, as I wouldn’t let the bad moments go.

I haven’t been on KS a lot. Should let y’all know I’m now in Highschool, and in real life HS. I feel more confident with myself. But I also have people that try to take advantage of me. I have “friends”, but as I thought, making bonds and connections with people is something I can’t do. I’m known amongst the people in my grade – and what I mean by that is I’m talked about. Specially by the boys in my class. I always knew I was going to be objectified at some point. I’m learning to cope with it, but not how to deal with it.

Back to my week – nothing much happened. I’m in math, computer sci, history, career prep, honors English, bio, volleyball this year. In my third block (period for some of you), the boys in a particular row love to gossip about my possible relationships. Even though I’ve stated before that I’ve never liked anyone. I don’t understand how they can be so intrusive. Everyday has been the same. I have three A’s, one B, and I got a 93 on my history test this week. There’s this one girl that admires me – she wants to be me almost. She says I’m pretty, get good grades, and have a “picture perfect family” (even though she doesn’t know my family). She’s beautiful herself – AND I MEAN, BEAUTIFUL. But her personal life lacks (she takes drugs (u))

There was a football game last Friday. I went and it rained so hard – I was soaked. I met with my friends, my mom was there too, and she met with my closer friend. We had to leave early though because of the rain, but regardless, it was fun. In the south, football is a prominent part of our culture, so games are never cancelled.

Homecoming is sometime around, if it hasn’t already passed. I’m not going, even though I imagine myself dancing with the boy of my dreams haha. No one I know is going, so I don’t see the point of surrounding myself with seniors.

In summary, there is a lot more things I want to say about how my life has been, but I can’t quite find the words for it right now. I feel prettier, as I get complimented often. I’ve developed my style, and a lot of people have crushes on me (I’ve rejected all, lol). I think I’m happy with myself. I mean, I get good grades. I don’t have people that are close enough to me to potentially hurt me – I’m okay with being blocked off and just being a comforter to the more open people. I still deal with my own mental problems, as I have my entire life. But with Jesus, I find my peace of mind. I just hope I don’t attract the wrong crowd, because lately, I’ve been attracting the wrong people. I think at all points of our lives, we have people there to challenge us.


*also, my parents agree that it’s okay to show my face here: but I’m not sure how to get KS’s permission, or that request is expired. regardless it doesn’t matter, I just thought showing a face reveal or something to the people here would let my friends know I’m a person behind the screen. Idk.

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