Being A Creative Writer

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Dear KidzNetters,

You may be a creative writer someday. Robert Frost the farmer was also Robert Frost, the great American poet. Herman Melville the sailor was also Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick.

Perhaps you are thinking, “I can never be a true creative writer, so what will come of trying?” It is probably true that no one can teach you to be creative. In fact, when you think about it, no one is truly creative. We just come up with things that are new to us or things that build upon what somebody else has already done. You can, however, learn to foster the creativity that is in you, even if you will never become another Robert Frost or Herman Melville.

  • Learn the magic of words.
  • Become more observant of the world and people around you.
  • Learn to enjoy simple pleasures.
  • Experiment.
  • Discover thoughts and ideas and think of new ways to express them.

What if at the end you discover you are not a writing genius? What  if none of your writing efforts are what anyone wanted? If so, use what you have learned to develop your own unique personality.

  • You can write poems that no one will read but yourself.
  • You can write letters to people that would bring them delight and joy.
  • You can use your brilliant and unique mind to bring more creativity to your daily tasks.

Your friends and family will help you, but you and only you alone and furnish the work and your imagination.

Happy writing!


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