You As Only You Are!

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A Short Story

After leaving the food court, Brittany and Allyson cut through a department store on their way out of the mall. They cruised past racks of fashion when a stylish dress caught Brittany’s eye. She grabbed Allyson by the arm and pulled her over to it.

“This outfit would make you look amazing!” Brittany told her friend. “Oh, and if you did your hair like that,” she added, pointing to a photo of a model, “you’d really turn heads.”

Allyson was crushed. Brittany may have recommended the makeover as some sort of compliment, but Allyson did not take it that way. All she heard was, “You’re not pretty enough now, but with a little help, you could be.”

“Why did you think I needed to be fixed?” she asked her later. “Didn’t you like me the way I was… the way I am?”

The Moral Of The Story

We should always be careful when telling others they would be even better if… we may mean it one way, but our friend could receive it quite differently.

You are perfect as only you are!

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