A Couple of Things Mojang Should Add to Minecraft

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Minecraft has a couple of mobs you can get using cheats, but this cheating doesn’t really count as seeing the real mob in the game.

#1 (I would love Mojang to add this to Minecraft): The illusioner. This illusion doesn’t make sense, and even the pros don’t know how to fight it.

#2 The giant zombie is super dangerous (but cool) 😀

#3 the sledgehammer WOW!!!!!!! It is dangerous in Minecraft dungeons. Would it be dangerous in Minecraft?

#4 Netherite horse armor Mojang should do this. They know about it.

#5 furniture!!!!! I’ve seen the furniture mods and YouTubers using them, and they look so good!!!!

That is all I have. Thanks for reading!!!! Bye. PS I make my articles short so you have time to read them. 🙂

What other things would you like to see added to Minecraft? Comment below!

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